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Short Sales Don't Have to Be Scary

This post from William Tierney, an agent in our Scituate, Massachusetts office, discusses 5 major items buyers need to be aware of before purchasing a short sale.  With these tips in mind, the short sale process can be alot less scary.  While short sales can be attractive for a variety of reasons, price, being one of them, there are a few hurdles to overcome along the way.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go forward with your purchase, however!  Just make sure you are thoroughly informed prior to going ahead in the process.  Will’s tips below will be a huge step in that direction. For more buyer and seller tips, please check out Will’s blog.

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Short Sales Can Be Tricky

William Raveis Sales Vice President, Patty McCarthy, talks about some of the difficulties short sales can present.  As she tells you, short sales aren’t for the faint of heart!  However, if you are patient, there could be a good deal out there waiting for you.  Check out Patty’s video for more.

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August 25, 2011