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Need to Know: February 2016

Social media is constantly changing. We know it can be hard to keep up, so each month we provide you with a quick round-up of the latest news in the space. We stay on top of all the changes so you don’t have to.

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Better with Age

The atmosphere we might think of when we talk about wine cellars is underground, dark and damp. That’s because long ago the only way to keep wine cool enough was to store it underground away from heat or sunlight. Today wine storage has changed greatly.  Why spend money creating this beautiful space just to hide it in the basement.

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January 18, 2013

Social Juice: Week 15

This week in Social Juice, I’m going a bit app crazy!  I talk about two iPhone apps that will help you enhance your mobile marketing and also get into a big (and long overdue) Facebook announcement.  Keep reading below for details!

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June 17, 2011

Social Juice: Week 13

This week has been a bit grueling, so I’m more than happy to indulge in some social media awareness.  Social Juice is just the answer…Three things I will talk about today-  Twitter’s new native photosharing tool, how Google’s Search Suggest can pump up your SEO muscle and the power of Facebook Badges.

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June 3, 2011

May 20, 2011

Social Juice: Week 11

Social Juice, Week 11 is in full effect.  Read on to learn about a cool, free texting app, why vanity can help your marketing and about a free photo editor that can help you jazz up your listing presentations.

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May 13, 2011

Social Juice: Week 10

This week’s Social Juice is dedicated to all mothers out there.   Thank you for loving us, no matter how tough we make it sometimes!  And thank you for reading blog.raveis.com:)   Happy Mother’s Day!

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May 6, 2011

Social Juice: Week 9

This week, there was a huge update in the social sphere, more specifically, on facebook.  Since this is so big, I’ve decided to devote most of today’s Social Juice to this piece of information that is juicier than Prince William and Kate’s balcony smooch post-wedding nuptials (in my opinion!).  Read on for more…

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April 29, 2011