Agent Spotlight on Stacy Young from Greenwich, CT

On our latest installment of Agent Spotlight, we caught up with Stacy Young of Greenwich, CT. She’s hugely involved in the community and loves being a part of William Raveis for the technology and marketing tools we have! We’re so happy to have such a dedicated team member in one of our biggest markets. Thank you, Stacy!

Stacy with her daugher, who inspired much of her community work in Greenwich.

WR: What drew you to the real estate industry? 
SY: It is something I have always wanted to do. Over the years, many of my friends have relocated to my area and I have been their go-to broker on the town and homes. Without sounding like a cliché, “Home Is Where The Heart Is”. Yes, we’ve all seen this needle pointed in a grandmother or aunt’s home – but I believe it to be true! You have an opportunity to help people find where they will live their lives or respect where they have been and help them move to their next chapter. It’s a privilege to be a part of it.  They entrust you to guide them and help manage the process. . I’ve also been a landlord for years and I love looking at homes. Broker Open House Day is one of my favorite!
William Raveis was a clear choice for me. The companies focus is on technology and marketing. The company recognizes the way customers are shopping now and gives us the tools to market ourselves and properties with every digital platform that exists!

I always keep in mind something that was said to me when I started. By the time someone calls me to see a listing, it is already their second showing. The first showing is what myself and my company put out there digitally. That is where I need to create a presentation that compels people to want to see more! I have those tools at William Raveis and I love using them.
WR: Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up in Scarsdale, New York. I have lived in Greenwich Connecticut since 1993. I have been married for twenty-six years to my husband, Jeff . We have daughter, Jordyn who attends the University of Pennsylvania (Go Quakers!). Always on the go with me is my King Charles Cavalier, Axel and his wagging tail!

Stacy and her husband, Jeff.

WR: Name one celebrity, dead or alive, who you would like to sell a home?
Billy Joel. I can sing every one of his songs (not well) and I think it would great to get to meet him.
WR: Name 5 things that most people don’t know about you

What you see is what you get, I’m an open book but, to answer the question…

1. I have a horrible sense of direction. Me and my GPS are best friends. 

2. I listen to Barry Manilow in the car and sing along.

3. I LOVE to organize! I can happily go to the Container Store and plan rearranging or maximizing space.

4. I like to read crime stories. Usually a John Grisham since it always ends with the good guy winning.

5. I believe M&M candies should be considered a food group!

WR: You are stranded on a deserted island for one year, you get to bring 3 things

A kayak, paddle and lots of water. No way I’m staying! I would miss my family and friends too much. Might take a while, but I would get home!

Stacy, her daughter & their sweet King Charles Cavalier pup, Axel.

WR:  Most used feature on Raveis365? Most used app on your phone?
Right now its the new CMA program. The final product I can create is leaps and bounds above what we had before. The additional flexibility to insert personal or targeted pages within the body of the digital presentation further allows me to stand out above the competition and present a unique presentation to each customer.
WR: What is the best advice you received from your parents or loved ones? 

Be yourself!

WR: If you weren’t in real estate, what would be your dream job
I’ve always worked and I’ve had many jobs. I can honestly say, this is something I always wanted to do and I am thrilled to be doing it. Each deal is different, each client presents unique needs and concerns, each day is new.. Why would I want to do anything else?

The Young Family!

WR: What are your favorite local activities that you participate in? How do you engage with your community?
I am a serial volunteer’er! I love to jump in and help. I believe in life you give to get back. All you have to do is look around and there is always something to do. Living in a community is being part of it
I have been previously been the president of my temples Hebrew School and for 20 years help run their annual major fundraising event.
Being a part of everything my daughter has done from volunteering or serving on a board has always given me much joy. From bake sales, annual galas, carpools, traveling with her team or fundraising. Even now I am happy to jump in the car and drive to Philadelphia to support her efforts, bake 200 cookies or dress the dog in school sweatshirt to cheer!
At Raveis, it is especially easy since each office invests in supporting the communities in which we operate. Bike Races, Town Party, Sidewalk Sales… it’s a lot of fun!
WR:  Fill in the blank: Your day cannot begin without _____?
Working out! I love being at the gym before the sun rises, enjoying an awesome class and getting fired up to start the day! I can usually been seen at Starbucks when the door opens!

A couple who golfs together, stays together!
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