Refining a Brand’s Identity: The Power of Soul

By Ryan Raveis, Co-President William Raveis Companies

I salute People Magazine’s announcement in April that they have rebranded their popular annual issue celebrating Hollywood’s beautiful people. Since 1990, the annual event has evolved from a list of the “50 Most Beautiful” to “Most Beautiful Woman” and now “The Beautiful Issue.” The editor-in-chief, Jess Cagle, noted that the change of the title is meant to “make clear that the issue is not a beauty contest … it will celebrate the most beautiful qualities of all: strength, humanity and artistry.” He added that the issue celebrates all kinds of beauty: “beautiful souls as well as beautiful skin.” [If you missed who they chose for this year’s cover, it’s the musical artist Pink.]

Ryan Raveis shares his thoughts on People’s “The Beautiful Issue” and how it relates to William Raveis companies

That made me think about our own branding of our company. After 44 years, we, too, have grown exponentially and have evolved – but, the core values and qualities that we stand behind — the moral fiber of our company, the “beautiful soul” — remains the same: our commitment to our family of agents and clients, our candor and the civilized courtesy with which we operate.

As co-president of the William Raveis Companies, one of my areas of focus is leading an in-house marketing agency that helps our agents. Our goal is to help our customers understand what we stand for; in other words, what is the narrative behind the real estate sign posted like a beacon in front of the property?

Today’s real estate industry is saturated with tips and advice for marketing a home, as well as new bells-and-whistle business tools. And while a glossy appearance can be enticing, it can also distract from a brand’s lack of experience and credibility. What is on the inside? Whether you are an agent marketing your client’s home or a homeowner in the market, the key is to align yourself with an established and innovative brand with proven success and experience in the industry.

What lies even deeper and is just as important — yet often overlooked — is what makes the company beautiful on the inside: the SOUL. Their holistic commitment to the needs of their clients, their morals and values, the way they conduct business and their ability to innovate and follow through. These are the things that truly matter.

People Magazine’s ‘Beautiful’ Issue with artist Pink on the cover

There are countless companies who struggle with how best to “beautify” unfounded promises or lack of experience to truly understand the future of the industry. There are also companies that still claim legacy after selling generations of commitment to the highest bidder. If the brand’s ownership and story line changes, how do you determine the brand’s true value and ability to deliver? How do you define the company’s soul?

Our challenge at William Raveis is a bit different, and that is how best to tell our story in a concise message.  A Luxury Brand that was recently recognized as top in the world among 560 premier brokerages throughout 65 countries, a 44-year-old culture of obsessing over supporting our agents with innovative marketing and tech, and the continuance of the legacy of a visionary founder.

Simply said: The beauty of our company — the true soul — lies well beneath the surface. William Raveis has the expertise, the experience, and the soul to succeed for generations.

Raveis does real estate right.

And Pink: we salute your candor, your humility and your soul. And if you’re looking to move, you know who to call!

People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’ 2017 with actress Lupita Nyong’o
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