Mother’s Day Spotlight on Mother/Son Team, The Gigliotti Group!

On one of the most special days of the year, Mother’s Day, we decided to interview Bette and Anthony Gigliotti. They are a dynamic mother and son duo and real estate team (The Gigliotti Group) with William Raveis Real Estate! Let’s learn more about how they learn from each other and work together!

Bette and Anthony Gigliotti with the executive team at the William Raveis Event

William Raveis: What drew you to the real estate industry?

Bette: I’ve always been in sales. (I previously had a floral business and always had to work nights and all holidays.) I just enjoy being my own boss. I decided on real estate because I could make it into my own business and it offered me a flexible work schedule. That was close to 17 years ago. I moved to William Raveis because I wasn’t getting what I needed in terms of support at my previous agency. The manager at Raveis called me every week for about 6 weeks and I finally agreed to meet Bill at his home. He made me popcorn, a huge weakness for me and the rest is history!

William Raveis: Where do you live now?

Anthony: I live in Stamford in a house on the harbor with three other roommates. No pets, but I’m thinking about getting a labradoodle.

The Gigliotti Family

William Raveis: What made you want to work together?

Bette: Anthony has many similarities to me. We both love flexibility and aren’t able to sit at a desk for long periods of time. We’re both great negotiators and love sales. We both have a drive to succeed.

Anthony: I left my job in the corporate world back in early 2016. My mother asked me to help her out while in between jobs, and I just kind of ran with things. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

William Raveis: What qualities about your mother do you admire? What has she taught you?

Anthony: I admire that she’s goal oriented and hard working. I also admire how she’s able to balance work and personal life in this business. She is a very tough negotiator, and has taught me that you need to have thick-skin to work in this business. If you let negative people have too much of an effect on you, you won’t be in the business for long!

Anthony Gigliotti

William Raveis: Name one celebrity, to which you’d like to sell a home.

Anthony: I would love to sell a house to Eli Manning, Go Giants!

William Raveis: Name five things that most people don’t know about you.

Bette: 1. I have a degree in horticulture and love gardening 2. I have 6 children and two grandchildren.  3. I’m addicted to real estate and love to buy investment homes and renovate them. Right now, my beach house is in my crosshairs. 4. I love the outdoors. Hiking, paddling, kayaking and can do it right from my home 5.  My four girlfriends from childhood and I have a lottery pool and we won $30,000 last year!

William Raveis: You are stranded on a deserted island for one year, you get to bring 3 things – Tell us what they are.

Anthony: A fishing pole/equipment, plasma lighter, and water purifier…call me practical.

Bette at the Raveis Ride + Walk

William Raveis: Most used feature on Raveis365? Most used app on your phone?

Bette: The statistics graph. Pinterest, Instagram and TD Ameritrade. I am searching for design ideas everyday and love to always watch my investments on the TD app.

Anthony: Moxi Present. It is a great tool for CMA’s and listing presentations.

Bette Gigliotti

William Raveis: If you weren’t in real estate, what would be your dream job?

Bette: My dream job would be to seek talent in under privileged areas and make dreams come true.

Anthony: Professional golfer!

William Raveis: What’s one piece of advice from your parents that you cherish?

Anthony: The concept that if you do the small things right, the big things will fall into place. Do right by others, and others will do right by you. My mother has taught me to appreciate how fragile life is, and to enjoy the moments along the way!

The Gigliotti Family

William Raveis: Fill in the blank: Your day cannot begin without _____ ?

Bette: One cafe latte in my big fat cup and saying good morning to my puppies.\

Anthony: A big glass of water.

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