“Grateful for Your Support, My Daughter’s Fight With Cancer”

Grateful for Your Support

By Beth Barry Brown

When my 17 year old daughter, Ellie, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in July, it was such a shock.  She had been very healthy her whole life and an exceptional athlete in multiple sports.  During the process of being diagnosed and through her treatments she has endured so much, both emotionally and physically.

Ellie Brown

Going into her Senior year as Captain of her high school field hockey team, she was absolutely devastated to not be able to play.  She also has been working towards playing in college.  She felt like all of her dreams were crushed.

We feel fortunate that Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a very treatable form of cancer.  That is in large part thanks to the research and studies by scientists like those working for the Damon Runyon Foundation to find a cure for cancer.  We are confident Ellie will be in remission next year and will go on to live a normal life.  We dream of a day when every form of cancer cannot only be cured but also prevented.

Ellie’s Entourage at the 2018 Raveis Ride + Walk

This experience has made me grateful.  Grateful to my family, friends, co-workers, the incredible doctors and nurses who are caring for Ellie, Ellie’s teammates, their parents and coaches who have all wrapped their arms around our family.  On the day of the Raveis Ride Walk, two busloads of field hockey players and high school friends plus countless cars left West Hartford very early in the morning to show up for the 5K walk.  We had close to 200 people there walking with Ellie’s Entourage!  It was a beautiful and incredibly heartwarming experience.  The event was extremely well organized, fun and memorable.  I am thankful to Raveis for supporting me in organizing Ellie’s Entourage.  We were able to raise $16,000 and counting for the Damon Runyon Foundation

The William Raveis Charitable Fund supports the Damon Runyon Foundation because this organization funds the most innovative cancer scientists to take risks and tackle the most complex scientific challenges.  And, most importantly, 100% of the money raised goes directly to Damon Runyon.  Since William Raveis started the Ride Walk, they have raised $1.5 million dollars for the Damon Runyon Foundation.

Thank you for your support!  Let’s KICK CANCER TO THE CURB!!!

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