Agent Spotlight: Jeffrey Bodeau of Glastonbury, CT

Today’s agent spotlight focuses on Jeffrey Bodeau, a sales associate from Glastonbury, CT. After flipping homes for thirty years, Jeffrey broke into real estate 12 years ago. Read on for more about Jeffrey and his beautiful family!

The Bodeau Family

What drew you to the real estate industry? 

I purchased my first property at 18.  A duplex in Rocky Hill.  Subsequently I purchased many other homes to the tune of about 20 in the past 30 years. Many were flips, or homes I stayed in for 2 years and sold for a profit.  Those days have long past.  After selling my manufacturing company in 2006 I wanted to own a company with minimal overhead and employee liabilities.  Real Estate was a natural progression.  I chose William Raveis because my friend and real estate agent at that time, Diane Vest, recommended I join the company.  It has been forward thinking from then on.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? 

I was raised in Rocky Hill and made the unimaginable journey across the dividing body of water called the CT River around 2002.  I live in Glastonbury with my amazing family including my amazing and support wife Anastasia and our two children Georgia and Grant.

Name one celebrity, dead or alive, who you would like to sell a home?

If I could sell a home to anyone I think it would be Frank Sinatra.

Name 5 things that most people don’t know about you. Get creative.

Some things most people do not know about me is I am much taller than I appear, younger than I look, and I excelled in academics.  Seriously – I am an overly anxious person, though I may not act like it I do care what others think about me, I will support my friends and family to the ends of the earth, I thrive in an environment teamwork and cooperation (though I typically like to be a chief rather than an Indian, and success to me is better served when shred with people you care about.

You are stranded on a deserted island for one year, you get to bring 3 things.

Stranded on a deserted island for 12 months? I’d want Malibu and Coke, sun tan lotion, my wife and children.

Most used feature on Raveis365? Most used app on your phone? 

Most used feature on Raveis365 is a toss up between Local Housing Data and NEWS.  On my cell it is Instagram or Facebook.

What is the best advice you received from your parents or loved ones?

Best advice I received from my parents (and never followed) was to focus on school and college.  I was too caught up in the “toys” and the “crowd” back then and didn’t realize that as I got older the “toys” got significantly better, as did the level of friendships.

If you weren’t in real estate, what would be your dream job?

If I wasn’t a real estate agent I would want to be a Formula 1 race car driver for Ferrari.  No doubt about it.

What are your favorite local activities that you participate in?

The favorite events I like to participate in within my community are varied and include our town Rotary Club, coaching my kids sports teams, the CT Science Center, and CCMC Friends to name a few.

Fill in the blank: Your day cannot begin without _____? 

My day cannot begin without my daughter waking me up and then the two of us waking my son up.

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