Agent Spotlight On: Elis Aguilar-Becker of Boston, MA

Today, we’d love to introduce you to Elis Aguilar-Becker from our Back Bay office in Boston, Massachusetts! Elis has been in real estate for 14 years and is a proud Colombian who loves to celebrate her roots. Read on to meet Elis!

What drew you to the real estate industry?

I started real estate in 2004. I was a customer service manager for an insurance company and one of our main clients was a real estate broker. He was always telling me about the business and I got interested and started working with his team. This was in Los Angeles. In 2011, my now husband received an offer to move to Boston and become a professor with Lesley University so we moved. During a networking event, I was talking to someone at the gathering about starting my process to select a company here in Boston to work with, and he was a commercial real estate broker and he told me that I should interview with William Raveis. He said it was a family-owned company that was doing things right. I am very happy I did. I passed my MA real estate exam, did the interview with Raveis in 2012 and been here since. I loved what the company represents and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. My Raveis family has been very supportive. We are constantly learning, improving our technologies and the company’ customer service to the agents is superb and that translates to the level of service we (agents) provide to our clients.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in Colombia, (La Guajira). I moved to United States when I was 18 years old. I met my husband in 2010 in Los Angeles. We (My husband, Brian, my daughter Isabella (4.5 years old), our cat “Mani”) lived in Cambridge for 7 ½ years, and just two months ago we bought and remodeled a house in Medford.

The Aguilar-Becker family

Name one celebrity, dead or alive, who you would like to sell a home?

David “Big Papi” Ortiz. Because of his amazing legacy in Boston and because of our shared Latino background.  I would love to sell a house to Sofia Vergara as well, because she empowers women and because she is Colombian as well ?.

Name 5 things that most people don’t know about you.

I am 1 of 8 siblings. I met my husband through Almost nine years ago and counting! I love dancing. I have danced folkloric Colombian music my entire life. My father was a Governor and Mayor in Colombia. My name Elis came from my parents’ favorite singer: Bossa Nova singer Elis Regina from Brazil.

Elis & Bill Raveis

You are stranded on a deserted island for one year, you get to bring 3 things…

Toothbrush, Make up, a flat iron (not sure where I am going to connected but I will figure it out).

Most used feature on Raveis365?

On Raveis 365, I love Moxiworks Present and the feature to connect with the other agents in our offices.

What is the best advice you received from your parents or loved ones?

My mother is the biggest influence in my life. She is full of faith so her best advice has been to put God first in everything I do and to help others as often as it is possible for me. My husband is my rock and he always tells me (or shows me by example) to learn something new everyday.

If you weren’t in real estate, what would be your dream job?

I love real estate so much. I think I would be a great party planner or interior designer but my dream job would be working with children in need (education, foster care, ill).

What are your favorite local activities that you participate in? 

I volunteer with the Make a Wish foundation. I love volunteering any moment I can. I support organizations helping refugee families. For fun local activities, I like farmer markets, finding new trails to hike, visiting museums and parks with my daughter. She loves the Public Garden and the Esplanade.

Fill in the blank: Your day cannot begin without _____?

Making my bed, a kiss from my family and praying.

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