National Entrepreneurs Day featuring Chris Resop & Stacy Book

In honor of our sales associates all across our nine-state footprint, we decided to highlight two of our mega-agents for National Entrepreneurs Day.  William Raveis Real Estate is dedicated to our agents success by providing the best tools for increased productivity, sales and building a business. We asked, Chris Resop & Stacy Book a few questions about their success as a William Raveis entrepreneur.

Chris Resop

As a former pitcher for five different teams in the MLB, Chris Resop used to making moves. In 2014, he decided to go into real estate, something he was always interested in and joined William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance in Naples, Florida. Three years of success soon followed and he began discussing the concept for the firm’s Sports + Entertainment Division with the firm’s president and CEO, Bill Raveis.

Launching about two years ago, the division provides full concierge, confidential relocation services to pro athletes and famous entertainers, from helping them buy and sell their homes to filling their refrigerators and pantries prior to arrival and just about everything else in between. It is also available to major corporate executives seeking the same advanced level of service.

We’re so proud of the success Chris Resop has attained at our company, and are here to continue to support him through any of his business endeavors.

William Raveis: How did you find success as an entrepreneur in real estate? 

Chris Resop: I am a firm believer in setting attainable goals. Goals can change, but goal setting is key to becoming successful in my opinion. They continue to push you to achieve them each and every day. I set clear and precise goals and I remind myself of them daily. I once read a poem titled “Invictus” the meaning of this poem is “You are your own destiny.” I have this written down on my phone so that I see it every day.

WR: What drives you to self-motivate and how do you do this as a real estate entrepreneur?

CR: My children are a large part of my motivation. Teaching them that hard work and dedication are the keys to success in life. I want my kids to learn this at a young age and to be proud of what their dad does to not only provide for them and my family, but also to see how success is earned and achieved.

WR: How do you make networking opportunities most effective?

CR: I try to make personal connections with just a few people. To try and meet and greet everyone in a room is not effective. Making personal connections with one or two people is far better. Continuing to stay in touch and offering help to your sphere is a big part as well.

WR: How has passion motivated you to succeed in real estate?

CR: No matter what I do in life, I give it my all. If I cant give something 100% then its not worth doing as it doesn’t help me or the people involved.

Stacy Book of Book & Co. in Darien, CT

Next, we asked Stacy Book the same questions and realized no agent is alike! Stacy runs a team in Darien, Connecticut called Book & Co. which has been exceeding expectations with all signs pointing towards her amazing work ethic.

William Raveis: How did you find success as an entrepreneur in real estate? 

Stacy Book: Move your feet! Start by setting goals for yourself and remember to always take action. The road to big goals can be daunting. I never let myself or my clients get stuck along the way. I believe there is always something you can do that will open a door no matter how small and find a way to solve a problem and that will keep you moving forward.

WR: What drives you to self-motivate and how do you do this as a real estate entrepreneur?

SB: Challenge has always motivated me. I love that every client presents a new challenge and a new goal. The people and their stories motivate me. It is critical to know the how and why behind the move. Be a good custodian of the information and use it to guide good decision making during the process.

WR: What is a calculated risk you took that ended up paying off?

SB: Tell the truth! Seems simple, it’s not always. A persons home is their largest asset, their expression of themselves and a part of their story. Whether the price or the product, being able to communicate honestly is crucial to achieve the best possible outcome.

WR: How do you make networking opportunities most effective?

SB: You have to bring something to the table to take something away. Wanting and being willing to spend time and energy to listen and help others and in turn being able to ask for guidance or validation really helps in our business. No two deals are ever the same, the more you learn, the better equipped you are to handle the future.

WR: How has passion motivated you to succeed in real estate?

SB: Passion is an amazing and essential thing!! Learning to channel your passion is something I think every successful entrepreneur experiences. There is a maturation that takes place with experience. The outcome of it all is confidence. It’s been an amazing thing that I have enjoyed watching tremendously as a team leader.

Thank you, Stacy and Chris for your amazing advice and Happy National Entrepreneurs Day to all of our sales associates.

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