Real Estate at Your Fingertips: William Raveis’ Virtual Toolkit

At William Raveis, our top priority is, and always has been, the health and safety of our company, our customers/clients and all of our families. The executive team is constantly monitoring the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic and the federal and state-mandated guidelines to ensure we work safely and effectively. We are doing our part to practice social distancing, while providing agents a virtual toolkit with every resource to conduct business as usual. Our state-of-the-art and mobile-optimized technology enables our team to work remotely and handle house tours and closings, financing, insurance and so much more.

Buying a New Home

We are the expert eyes and ears of the real estate market. Our Local Market Insights (LMI) subscriptions keep clients in-the-know about the real estate trends and housing data in any town within the last 30 days. This resource provides data and facts — including the most up-to-date home values — with clear, direct and sophisticated visuals. LMI is our most popular virtual product, bar none, and has the lowest opt-out rate.

Our agents are experts at conducting live or pre-recorded virtual tours, when approved by the homeowner, to give clients a detailed view of a home. They will conduct room-by-room tours, with narration, highlighting all the unique details and added benefits the home has to offer. Clients can visually discover all the interior and exterior features even if they are not there in person.

Selling a Home

Agents are embracing the use of Digital Postcards to communicate with their customer base. This custom-designed product allows agents to share real estate information such as: current market updates and announcements to price changes and listing photos. Many of these custom cards come with a hyperlink that leads to more detailed information about the home including finance and mortgage information.

Our partnered vendor, Deluxe Marketing, offers our agents a plethora of designs and messages for them to promote on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. These templates can promote the agent and their services, a property, a price adjustment, a sold property, and many more.

Agents can also position their clients’ homes dynamically: from creating virtual staging to 3D floor plans.  And once a transaction is consummated, we will wrap up the paperwork expeditiously using our secure digital transaction management and digital signatures.

Applying for a Mortgage
William Raveis Mortgage’s mobile-optimized web site and app offer mortgage, loan affordability and refinance calculators, making it easy for our loan officers, real estate agents and our clients to find the best rates. One of the most tech-dynamic of the William Raveis suite of virtual products is Xcelerator365, which enables customers to apply for a mortgage from their phone or laptop, and with its instant connection to major banks, it expedites the electronic document process safely and securely. We have streamlined the mortgage process to empower our customers with industry-leading technology, so they can get their mortgages quickly and efficiently.

Coming Soon: New Concierge Service

Designed to give our agents a competitive advantage in the marketplace, we will soon announce the launch of Raveis Refresh. Our new concierge program will facilitate designer-curated home improvements for our listings with 100 percent of the cost deferred until closing, among other services. At the core of this program is a platform of professional vendors, including expert contractors and stagers. We are encouraging our agents to invite their preferred licensed and insured vendors to our vendor platform. Raveis Refresh will also provide additional services, including relocation during renovations, professional packing, moving and storage.

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Finally, our best-in-class web site,, is the one-stop shop for market availability. Not only does it feature the most up-to-date listings, it seamlessly connects to mortgage and home insurance information, videos about the company culture and digital flip books on our approach to selling homes.

With the best virtual toolkit in the market, we can leverage our technology and training to continue moving forward to accomplish our clients’ real estate goals. With expertise, care and compassion, we will build new foundations together.


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