William Raveis Rolls Out New Service to Agents, Boost by HomeSpotter

Among the tools and products we provide for our agents at William Raveis, we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with HomeSpotter, specifically their Boost tool, an advertising automation. HomeSpotter is an industry leading marketing automation tool for real estate brokerages, agents, and MLSs to build and strengthen customer relationships. William Raveis has partnered with HomeSpotter to introduce a digital re-targeting product that will help agents and their customers sell homes faster and direct more visibility to these homes. Your ad now will be seen on the web by thousands of unknown-yet-to-you customers, based on the search criteria that they choose. More eyes, more sales.

What is Boost/why William Raveis partnered with HomeSpotter?

Boost allows our agents to quickly create ads that will appear in the news feed of home buyers and sellers within Facebook and Instagram as well as high traffic websites and apps (e.g. HGTV, ESPN, NYTimes.com and thousands more). Boost provides tested and optimized ad templates, custom targeting settings and a dashboard to manage settings and view results. Boost was selected because of its track record of creating highly engaging ads that will allow our agents to have a strong digital presence that they can be proud of. In fact, the ads they create for social media have an average 7-10% click through rate. We also wanted to partner with a company that was easy for agents to use. Using Boost dashboard, our agents can create ads in under 5 minutes.

What are the perks to Boost by HomeSpotter?

Boost can help our agents promote your listings, virtual open houses, virtual hours, price reductions and your recently sold properties. They also have agent promotion ads, which use a combination of geo-targeting and sphere of influence targeting to build a brand awareness campaign.

We built a data connection with HomeSpotter so that anytime our agents have a new listing or
other promotable events (like an open house, price reduction, recent sale) they are automatically
notified and an ad campaign will be automatically built and ready to publish with the press of
a button. They’ve also already pulled all of our broker branding, agent headshots, and contact
information, so brand awareness campaigns are ready to be customized and launched today.

We’re so excited to have partnered with HomeSpotter and to see the success it will bring to our agents and homeowners.



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