Reinventing Real Estate, Welcome to More

At William Raveis Real Estate, we’ve always been in the business of better. Providing our agents with better technology, tools, teamwork, and training to help them be the best that they can be. And providing homeowners with the best possible experience to maintain their loyalty to Raveis when thinking about their home.

Better is a philosophy that’s been at the heart of our organization since we launched in 1974. It’s the inspiration that keeps us innovating, that compels us to compete, and maintains our market position as North America’s leading, independent real estate firm. Today, we’re investing in even better resources to support this commitment.

Resources like Raveis365, our one-of-a-kind cloud platform specifically designed for us by Microsoft, where our agents can execute and close deals securely almost entirely on the go. Like Moxiworks Customer Relationships Management (CRM), which helps our agents stay in touch with their sphere of influence, manage customer data, support sales management, facilitate team communication and deliver actionable insights. Moxiworks also works as a cloud-based system offering complete mobility to our agents.

We are training every agent on all of our innovative, digital products, as we move towards a paperless company. With SkySlope, the next level in transaction management, and other products we have, not only are we saving a lot of trees, we are making our agents’ businesses more efficient and more productive. We just rolled out Raveis Refresh, which will enable clients to make key upgrades before listing their homes, with no upfront costs.

We also just introduced our new Raveis Automated Marketing Platform (RAMP) to our agent advisory council and field marketing coordinators in CT, MA, NY and FL, and it was met with an enthusiastic reception. Fully automated, RAMP uses next-generation technology to make the marketing, listing and sales experience seamless, efficient and transparent. To our agents, this reduces time to market, maximizes marketing firepower, and provides analytics on marketing performance, giving full transparency to the client throughout. RAMP is the epitome of hassle-free home selling. Everything we do is fueled by the drive to help our agents build their businesses for the better.

One of our most talked about resources is the William Raveis Career Development department, where we are constantly presenting further education for our agents and training from their well-respected peers.  Our top talent includes an integrated partnership with world-renowned real estate expert and #1 real estate coach, Tom Ferry, of Tom Ferry International, who coaches our agents weekly. Our executive mortgage bankers also run a weekly interactive webinar, Financing Friday, where they inform our agents and their clients about the current market, review mortgage products and answer any pertinent questions during this unprecedented time.

Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. In fact, we have been well-known for our cutting-edge technology and business models for the past 45 years. Generally during a downturn, or in this case a global pandemic, we see opportunities to reinvigorate our business model in terms of new programs in order to reinvent the industry for the better. It’s what we do best, and this is crucial to our next phase of business.

We are reinventing real estate for the better. Welcome to William Raveis.

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