William Raveis Charitable Fund Decides to Not Hold Annual In-Person Event

Dear William Raveis Charitable Fund Community,

Due to ongoing concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, and like many other large-scale events, we are sadly canceling this year’s William Raveis Ride + Walk. While we are not holding our ever-popular fundraiser in-person this fall, we are continuing to support the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, which needs our support now more than ever. Even though this global pandemic has sidelined some of the funding normally channeled to these cutting edge scientists, their work in finding a cure for cancer has not waivered.

Please consider donating to Damon Runyon’s up-and-coming, brilliant scientists who are on the cusp of making incredible breakthroughs in cancer research by clicking here. 100% of every dollar donated to the William Raveis Charitable Fund goes directly to Damon Runyon scientists.

Over the past four months, Damon Runyon was able to provide extension funding — nearly $195,000 to nine scientists at eight different institutions — to the scientists whose innovative cancer research was put on hold due to COVID.

During the height of the pandemic, it was particularly difficult for physician-scientists to straddle both worlds – the clinic (where they see patients) and the lab (where they conduct research). Thanks to their extraordinarily resilient team, they were still able to make progress despite the shutdown by collaborating and analyzing data that they had already collected. Now, four months later, labs are open again, and experiments are back up and running — and they are very appreciative of the support from Damon Runyon.

Damon Runyon scientists are also making an impact on the unprecedented global effort to stop the disease by investigating how this specific coronavirus enters human cells, developing more efficient testing and searching for a treatment. While Damon Runyon’s focus is on cancer, these projects demonstrate how their approach of funding brilliant scientists can result in benefits for patients in all areas of health.

While nonprofits, like Damon Runyon, account for just 5% of U.S. research dollars, they support high-risk, high reward pilot projects that are not funded by government grants. With your support, we will ensure the next generation of scientists have the resources to pursue new treatments and diagnostic tools that will change the way we beat cancer.

We’ve appreciated the support over the years and can’t wait to see you all next year!

Thank you!

The William Raveis Charitable Fund

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