Welcoming Our New Strategic Growth Manager in New York, NY, Pamela Sartorius

We are proud to announce that Pamela Sartorius has joined our award-winning team as the new Strategic Growth Manager, a newly created position, in the New York City office. Sartorius will be responsible for business growth through strategic relationship-building in the industry and throughout William Raveis, Inc.’s nine-state footprint, which includes agent recruitment, coaching and mentoring agents to build their businesses and developing marketing initiatives for the agents.

“William Raveis Real Estate epitomizes what New York City real estate used to be: family-owned and operated. We have a leader, Bill Raveis, who built this business from the ground up and who believes that the agent is his customer and does everything to prove that. By bringing on Pamela, Bill fortifies this long-time strategy of setting agents up for success,” said Kathy Braddock, managing director of the New York City office of William Raveis.

Sartorius brings a unique and dynamic perspective to this new position, having had a successful track record in business development and marketing in the corporate world, prior to working in real estate. Sartorius was most recently responsible for leading a global real estate marketing initiative where she successfully established partnerships in collaboration with the finest independent brokerage firms from around the world, in addition to running the referral division for the brokerage.

“One of the most important things I have learned is that this industry is 100 percent about relationships: the relationships we have with one another, as well as the entire brokerage community,” said Sartorius.

“I believe success is a result of working collaboratively and to leverage all the marketing and technology resources available to do our jobs effectively and build business.”

Impressed with our company’s positive reputation as a successful, independently-owned and family-run business, Sartorius said she was also looking for a firm that possessed strong leadership, stability, and growth opportunities. “William Raveis checked all the boxes,” she said.

“Pamela offers a fresh perspective to the office, and her industry relationships are wide and deep,” said Managing Director Paul Purcell. “That’s what makes her so terrific for this position, which was created just for our New York City office. Pamela will help our agents use the referral tools from our own backyard to create more business and she will also help us to continue to build a successful and high-producing boutique office.”

Pamela Sartorius and Paul Purcell

Our Long History of Coaching and Mentoring

When William “Bill” Raveis founded this family-owned company 46 years ago, he was the first real estate entrepreneur to identify the agents as their primary customers, understanding that nurturing talent and empowering their agents with the best resources and services to take their business to the next level is imperative for success.

“At William Raveis Real Estate, we are 100 percent committed to being the best mentors and coaches in the industry, and Pamela will help cement that strategy,” said Braddock. “No one builds a business by themselves. Even Steve Jobs left his garage and brought in help. We are thrilled to have Pamela join our talented team.”

As COVID-19 wreaked havoc on how New York City conducted business this year, followed by a lockdown, the city’s real estate industry has seen an exodus of residents seeking space and amenities in the neighboring suburbs.

“Even though the real estate market in New York City is going through a challenging year and is off by 39 percent, our office is not. We’re having a strong year,” said Raveis. “We have a talented team of agents who are connected to a powerful network in our nine-state footprint. We are a resilient company that is constantly innovating: When our communities are faced with challenges, we invest in the future and our agents.”

Purcell echoes this sentiment: “When most of our colleagues in other brokerages are pulling back from spending, Bill moves ahead believing in opportunity from growth. It’s who we are as a company.”

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