Agent Spotlight on Harry Finer, of The Finer Team, in Glastonbury, Connecticut!

Today, we shine the Raveis blog spotlight on Harry Finer, a Sales Vice President, Exceptional Properties Specialist and a veteran real estate agent leading The Finer Team of William Raveis in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Everyone who meets him knows he comes with a personality the size of Texas and an entrepreneurial drive that matches his enthusiastic spirit. We are proud to introduce you to Harry!

Harry Finer began his entrepreneurial ventures at the age of 12. “I started a hobby shop and within a year, my dad quit his job and rented a store in West Haven, CT, for House of Hobbies, which he operated for 32 years,” remembers Harry. Nearly a decade later, Harry gained inspiration both from his father and a family friend to get his real estate license. “I was a REALTOR® from 1974 to 1978 and came back to the industry in 2004,” he explains.

In the intervening years, Harry served as a general manager with AT&T, leading a large sales team to meet and exceed objectives. Having also led the growth of additional companies during that time, when Harry returned to real estate, he valued the William Raveis team concept. “I thrive when mentoring and training people, helping them build their careers.” Micki Gebhardt, sales manager for William Raveis Glastonbury says, “Harry absolutely loves what he does and it shows!  I have been his manager for six years, but was an agent in the Glastonbury Office when he started. He was a hard worker back then, and he certainly hasn’t slowed down.  His dedication to his clients is quite evident as I have received many hand written testimonials from them over the years. Every office should have a Harry Finer he bleeds Raveis Blue!”

Harry Finer and CEO & Founder of William Raveis Real Estate, Bill Raveis

As vice president of sales for William Raveis in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Harry’s team represent clients across a vast span of Connecticut within 40-mile radius of Glastonbury. “I also have my Massachusetts license and represent clients in Cape Cod with William Raveis friends there.” Harry is known as a “networker extraordinaire,” who is never more than a step away from connecting with or marketing to whomever he needs to reach. “I have met a lot of people through the businesses I’ve been in and the organizations I belong to.” While he does receive a good deal of referral business, Harry makes a point of leveraging different tools and technology that deliver “ROI and stickiness,” allowing him to connect with people quickly, thoroughly and memorably.

Harry Finer and real estate expert, Tom Ferry

Meanwhile, Harry is everywhere, from social media and print advertising to the coffee counter at the local gas station. “People say, ‘You ought to have a desk in the gas station!’” They recognize him as a good communicator who goes out of his way. “I have a lot of knowledge,” he says. Harry is known for his willingness to share that knowledge on everything from neighborhoods and home structure to the nuances of inspections and mortgages. “I also built a dynamic value proposition that changes with the times. As social media took off, I started doing video narrated tours of my listings, which I post on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and as an attachment on the real estate websites.” He does aerial photography where appropriate and even uses QR codes, allowing agents and buyers to easily access each listing’s details from their phone. His team has a Certified Home Stager and teaches Staging at a Local High School.

Chris Raveis, real estate expert Jeff Mays, Harry Finer & Ryan Raveis

Showing his dedication to the importance of homeownership, Harry also conducts a free Buyers Class twice a year to assist buyers with understanding the purchase process. People know Harry as someone who goes above and beyond, whether bring a missing lightbulb to a house or sharing his network of preferred vendors – professionals who operate with same integrity and quality he provides. “People joke that it’s old-fashioned to have all these business cards on me from each of my vendors, but I’m always ready to help.” Helping is what Harry most enjoys about real estate. “I work very hard for my clients and for the team that I mentor. I learn something new every day, even from people I’ve just brought into the business.” He’s also a good listener. “My clients tell me what their goals and objectives are and I customize their experience. I even bond with their house!”

When working for the top brokerage in the area, Harry understands the importance of distinguishing himself. “For sellers, I have certified stagers on my team and for buyers, I’ll go wherever they want to go.” He jokes that some people apologize for taking him so far to see properties. “But I say, ‘This is about your needs, not mine!’” After all, just like each client, every house has a unique story. “In real estate, you have to be enthusiastic about what you do, who you’re working with and what everyone wants to accomplish.” If you are, you may grow your business year over year, just like Harry, whose clients have voted him a Five Star Real Estate Professional in Connecticut Magazine for seven years, and who was a Top 25 Real Estate Team Connecticut for 2018.

Bill Raveis, the CEO of William Raveis Real Estate, puts it like this: “Harry is an experienced, knowledgeable and seasoned Real Estate Professional; we are happy to have him as part of the William Raveis Family!” Additionally, Harry and his team have been recognized by William Raveis being ranked as 14th in the company of 4000 in 2017 and 22nd in 2016.

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