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At William Raveis, we are proud to provide our agents with everything they need to build a successful business. From state-of-the-art technology and tools to seamlessly execute deals to personalized coaching and mentoring from our trained sales managers to gorgeous direct mail campaigns and marketing email blasts, our goal is to lift you up.  We are happy to bring our efforts one step further by publishing our agents and turning them into authors on our completely unique, innovative, digital magazine, Raveis Escapes. We showcase our agents as the experts of their communities by giving them a platform to write about what makes their home special, and why it might appeal to a potential customer. Unsure buyers can peruse hundreds of articles about towns from the ones that live and work there, discovering local tips, off-the-beaten-path recommendations, and hidden gems.

On RaveisEscapes.com, from city to country, clients can search by lifestyle or locale to discover their perfect escape within our nine-state footprint. We encourage our agents to network throughout our footprint and this allows them to seamlessly introduce a client to a new area. For example, a Massachusetts realtor with a client looking for a second home in Naples, Florida, can share our array of articles written by our Naples realtors and then connect the dots to make a referral! It’s so simple with Raveis Escapes.

Here are some excerpts from our favorite articles on Raveis Escapes!

Linda Raymond, an agent in Fairfield, Connecticut wrote about her favorite “hidden” trail among the marshes and tall grasses of the beach area. “Fairfield, Connecticut plays host to an abundance of resources for active and leisurely ways to energize your day. With 5 miles of shoreline along the Long Island Sound and a plethora of natural open spaces, this lovely town offers endless opportunities from fishing, boating and hiking to enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or simply taking in the beautiful wildlife. Many visitors and residents find that one of the best ways to commune with nature in Fairfield is by visiting the picturesque walking trails of Pine Creek Recreation Park. Everyone who walks this trail, especially my dogs, agrees that this is one of the most wonderful places to go to decompress and gain inspiration in Fairfield, Connecticut’s beach area. You may find yourself alone with the wildlife (and your dogs), or you may see other people dog-walking, jogging or bicycling.”

A perk of living in the suburbs: secluded trail space for you & Fido.

Alternatively, sales manager of New York City, Kathy Braddock writes about the surprising ‘small-town’ feel of living and working in Manhattan, how you always have someone to see, places to go and the “backyard” for your children is bigger than you can ask for! “One of the most fulfilling and cheapest attractions NYC has is the 92nd Street Y (YMCA) on the Upper East Side. You can learn how to judge wine like a billionaire or listen to the latest author discuss their book. There are always guest appearances like Jerry Seinfeld or Oprah popping in to say their piece. Comedy, performing arts; the 92nd Street Y is the most direct way to a cultural New York experience.”

New York City, for those that live here, it has a small-town feel.

“Raising your children in NYC? The children who thrive here have parents who have made city living a lifestyle choice. These parents want to expose their kids to all aspects of the city, even if it means forfeiting a “classic” backyard, treehouses and riding your bike to a friend’s house. For these kids, the entire city is their backyard. It offers unlimited opportunities and enrichment on a world-class level. The city long ago figured out how to provide young families the resources they need in an organized, professional, and safe manner. This includes child pick-up and take-homes door-to-door. Kids in the city will also grow up knowing more about street safety and being aware of their surroundings.”

The Grapefruit League in Naples, FL

Chris Resop, a former MLB player, helped found the Sports & Entertainment division at William Raveis, offering the best real estate and relocation services for pro athletes including NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and PGA.  Along with being a successful realtor in Naples, brings his local knowledge to an activity in sunny Florida that doesn’t always have to involve the beach! “Florida has been home to the Florida Grapefruit league for over 125 years. Each spring, 15 MLB teams move south to Florida to prepare for the season ahead, all while basking in the Florida Sunshine. Teams include Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, and more. The two teams near and dear to Fort Myers, FL are the Red Sox and Twins. Both teams have their own professional stadiums right in the heart of Lee County. During the Springtime, South West Florida receives an influx of loyal fans and vacationers seeking out a Spring training game and of course, the Gulf Coast beaches. Get your tickets early and have a front row seat to some of the hottest games in town, but extremely under-the-radar.”

Our Raveis Escapes agents show their expertise of their local communities by sharing hyper-local information like the excerpts shown here. It creates unique content for their client base and drives traffic to their websites, and in turn, their business and current or potential listings! We are proud to provide our agents with everything they need to build a successful business and Raveis Escapes brings it one step further.

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