#WomenAtRaveis Continues

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up.” -Serena Williams

Our #WomenAtRaveis series continues with three more strong & successful women! Today we are recognizing Chelsea Garlock, Renee Roberts and Shanna Katz!

Our first feature this week is Florida Director of Marketing, Chelsea Garlock; click here to read more about her.

Chelsea Garlock

How long have you worked in real estate?
I’ve worked in the real estate industry for the last seven years, and I have been with Raveis for three years. I got involved in the real estate industry through our family business. My family owned a real estate company in Florida, and it didn’t take long after college to move from Connecticut to Naples, Fla. to get involved with the family company. When I heard that the family business would be joining Raveis, who just opened their first few offices in Naples, I knew it was an opportunity that would feel like family and home—two things that are very important to me.

Do you have a mantra that you follow for your business, real estate, or in general?
Stay positive, work hard, and make it happen!

What opportunities has working for Raveis given you?
Raveis has truly give me the opportunity to GROW. In 2018, when I joined Raveis we had four offices in Naples. Since then, we have opened three more offices in Naples and four offices in South Florida. Being part of the growth here in Florida, I have been given the opportunity to learn so much about the real estate industry, marketing trends and managing a marketing team.

What are the keys to your success?

  • Staying organized. I have a status report of all ongoing projects that I update daily and review with the management team weekly.
  • Eager to learn.
  • Love what you do!

What’s your best advice for someone new to the industry?

  • Ask questions, listen, and follow through.
  • Embrace change and adapt. 


For our second feature we have top producing real estate agent and Managing Principal/Broker for the William Raveis Canton & Sharon Offices, Renee Roberts; click here to read more about here.

Renee Roberts

How did you first begin your career in real estate? 
I started my real estate career in 2003 when the software company I had worked for since 1991 closed its doors. I originally got my real estate license as something to do just to keep busy while I searched for a new high-tech marketing position, but real estate quickly became my full-time job and I never turned back! I worked at C21 for six years and then opened my own franchise in 2009 as Success Real Estate in Canton. We started as a group of three people and over a period of 10 years grew to a team of 60+ agents. I owned and operated that office for 10 years and in the fall of 2019, I started thinking about a change. I wanted to be able to offer more resources to my team, but still maintain the same family feel that we always had. So, in December of 2019, we all became William Raveis Canton & Sharon.

What attracted you to William Raveis Real Estate?
I initially thought William Raveis would be a perfect match because it is family owned and has a much larger local presence than my previous brokerage. Another priority was to have access to the industry’s best tools, technology, training, and marketing to help me and my team increase and improve our business. And of course, after meeting with Bill Raveis (and asking him way too many questions) I was all in.

Renee Roberts

What do you love about real estate and why? 
The best part of this job for me is the flexibility, being my own boss and the ability to make as much money as you set your mind to. And, everyone loves the idea of matching a buyer with their dream home and helping sellers get top dollar and move on to their next adventure.

What does Raveis mean to you?

I’ve always run my business in an entrepreneurial fashion, but being a part of William Raveis has allowed me the opportunity to compete for higher end listings with amazing marketing tools and brand recognition to stay current on new technology and to take advantage of trainings and mentoring sessions. Having these tools and resources available to me has helped me elevate my business. Agents often have a misconception that their office is not doing enough for them and that changing offices is going to increase their business. The truth is, taking your business to the next level starts with you and if you have a company that gives you the visibility, marketing, tools, and coaching, then the rest is up to you.

What’s your best advice for someone new to the industry?
My best advice to someone new in the industry is to treat your real estate business like a real job. Come to the office and watch, listen and learn as much as you can. Align yourself with other agents that will encourage you, support you and offer you honest advice. I have been in this business for close to 20 years and I’m still asking for opinions and learning new things every day.

Also, don’t expect business to just fall into your lap – being a real estate agent is not easy and you need work for it. Do open houses to pick up buyers, shadow other agents on listing appointments, make a business plan for yourself and implement it. And, take any business you can get, even if it’s not a huge sale. If you do a good job for someone, they will become a source of referrals in the future. The bigger your database gets, the more referrals and business you will get down the road.


For our third feature we have administrative manager for William Raveis New York City, Shanna Katz; click here to read more about here.

Shanna Katz

How long have you worked with Raveis? What attracted you to Raveis?
I have been with Raveis for almost seven years. I started by interviewing with Kathy Braddock and Paul Purcell before the NYC office was open and immediately knew this was my next venture. Paul and Kathy were so warm, it felt like I knew them forever. Here we are seven years later, and they’re practically family. I jokingly say they’re my second set of parents. During my childhood, my dad owned a family business, so I grew up knowing what a family-owned company should look like. Family always comes first and is so important to me. When I researched Raveis and then met Bill, Kathy and Paul, I knew this was the right fit.

“Nothing more special than spending a birthday with my favorite girls.” From left- Shanna’s mom, nieces, sister and herself.

What sets Raveis apart as a company?
What sets Raveis apart as a company is that I know they care. I am not just a number, I am a name. I love that Raveis is a family-owned business that is always looking to grow, and they listen to new ideas and suggestions. The fact that I can email Bill, Ryan and Chris and know I will get a response is priceless.

“One of the best days of my life, so lucky to have married my best friend.” Shanna with her husband, Adam.

What do you love about real estate and why? What excites you about the business?
I love real estate because every deal, and every home, is different. To be able to capture and market the beauty of a studio and then the beauty of a four-bedroom makes my job fun, exciting and different every day. Solving problems and helping our agents get deals done is the icing on the cake.

Shanna with her husband, Adam, on their dreamy honeymoon to Tuscany.

What is the key to your success?
The key to my success is working hard, knowing who I am, accepting all my strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to use them in order to get my job done. The only way to learn and grow is to use your voice, ask questions and to not be afraid that you may not have the answer. I have learned that no one is perfect, and that is ok.

What does Raveis mean to you?
Raveis, to me, means growth and family.




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