As seen on Inman: New tool connects agents to clients all year round

William Raveis launches an agent-branded home financial dashboard

The average consumer will transact real estate every seven years or so. In an industry where staying top-of-mind with compelling and relevant branding, that is a massive gap of time to fill.

But there are related events connected to a home that happen with more regularity. When you consider updating homeowner’s insurance to mortgages and refinancing, the touchpoint opportunities become much more frequent, relevant, and consistent.

So imagine you can combine these associated home milestones into one cohesive experience, keeping you front and center on all things related to what is, quite likely, your client’s largest financial asset?

“The number one challenge for agents is to stay in touch with the right people in their sphere of influence at the right time,” said Ryan Raveis, co-president of William Raveis, Inc. “What we’ve done for our agents is help hone their ability to build a beneficial relationship with their clients, without just blasting messages they don’t want or need. This industry is a leaky bucket — there are dozens of ways clients can stray into another agent’s circle. So we are purposefully exploring effective ways to assist agents in successfully engaging — and retaining — their customers by delivering greater value.”

The latest innovation in a legacy of technology investments by William Raveis Real Estate is its novel digital ecosystem platform that connects real estate, mortgage, and insurance.

“The industry has been verticalized. You have buying and selling, then you have financing and re-financing, and then you have insuring. But it’s all the same property. And to the consumer, it’s a single asset.”

The ecosystem platform is a mobile-first platform given by an agent to a client that serves as a customized visual dashboard for a single, integrated view of their home financial position — not unlike a stock portfolio dashboard.

Co-Presidents Chris and Ryan Raveis with agents at William Raveis Real Estate. The company recently launched their new home financial dashboard.

“What if you’re over-insured? What are the re-financing opportunities? Who’s looking out for you? With the platform, you log in on your phone or computer and see your home’s current market value, your mortgage interest rate, and your insurance policy. If you’re currently listing your home, you can get real-time analytics and insights into how effective your agent’s marketing is. You can explore Raveis Refresh if you want to make upgrades to your home before you list it. And if you are looking to buy, you can set your search criteria and see listings that match, get a pre-approval, as well as assess additional financing options such as Raveis Purchase or a bridge loan. This Next Level platform covers every angle and every transaction for home scenarios. It’s integrated and complete.”

Everything revolves around the agent. As it should be.

The William Raveis company launches this cutting-edge innovation from a place of deep experience, having run top rated mortgage and insurance businesses for decades. However, platform users don’t have to be a Raveis client across all three areas.

“The only branding that matters is the agent’s. That’s the brand the client sees in their dashboard,” Raveis explained. “Our sales associates are our customers. We want to wow our agents, so they can wow their clients. We’re redefining client engagement. Agents become an invaluable concierge, interpreting data and insights and providing expert guidance. This technology is a sophisticated tool to help our agents stay in front of their clients in a consistent, valuable and intelligent way. We’re strengthening the human relationship through technology.”

In an industry rife with mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs, William Raveis Real Estate remains steadfast as a private, family-owned company that is growing its east coast footprint. Ryan and his brother, Chris, work alongside their dad, Bill, and they are each a phone call away from every sales associate.

This article was published on Inman on February 15, 2022.

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