#WomenAtRaveis Continues with Lisa Carpenter

How long have you worked in real estate and with Raveis? How did you first start? What attracted you to Raveis?
I have worked in real estate for a short 10 months, joining William Raveis as CMO in June 2021. I was attracted to Raveis for three reasons. First, the openness of Bill, Ryan and Chris to my marketing recommendations for improving the company’s digital presence across all channels, infusing technology everywhere, and elevating our differentiation, both as a company and through our sales associates, mortgage bankers, and insurance directors. Second, I love Bill’s one-of-a-kind insights into the real estate industry, whether from a competitive angle, growing relationships with sales associates, or capitalizing on marketplace shifts. He embodies the success factors I look for in a leader: boldness and steadfast determination to grow the company. Third, the Raveis company culture is incredibly embracing with compassionate leadership and teams that care about each other professionally and personally.

Do you have a mantra that you follow for your business, real estate, or in general?
I try to follow two mantras. First, micro-interactions count. Every day should include connecting with people in a positive, upbeat way. Laughter and empathy are essential to building and being part of a successful and collaborative team. My second mantra comes from playing sports: Earn your shower. Outcomes count, and every day I work to help move the business forward to win.

What does Raveis mean to you?
My one word for what Raveis means to me is: underestimated. I only see tremendous potential in the William Raveis company. Smarts and grit are part of its DNA.

What do you love about real estate and why?
What I love about real estate is its personalization and intensity. In most situations, buying (or selling) a home is an incredibly personal experience. No two sellers or buyers are alike—which is its allure and can be its frustration. Add to that it being one of the most important financial decisions for many. Bottom line: you must thrive on the intensity to be good at it.




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